Who We Are.

We are teachers, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters. We are community members, carers, learners and growers. We recognise the incredible benefits of mindfulness and meditation and want to provide teens with access to learning more about it.

We are just like you and most importantly we were once teens too, and we are here to help.

Our Directors.


Grant Milbourne

Founding Director

Grant, I'ME's founder and executive director, had known he wanted to positively influence the lives of young people from an early age. Completing his BA of Primary Education in 2011 and then working with young people between K-10 in Australia and England, he quickly realised he was passionate about not only his students’ academic ability but the development of them as people – their values, how they saw themselves and how they saw the world.

Coming to mindfulness in his late teens, Grant understood the incredible benefits and life supporting potential of becoming more aware of one's inner and outer world.

At the beginning of 2015 he completed a Graduate Certificate in Wellness through RMIT University where he extended his knowledge of wellness practice and therapies. The end of 2015 saw him travel to Massachusetts (United States) to observe Inward Bound Mindfulness Education’s unique teen retreat model. Upon completing this experience he was left with the inspiration and motivation to develop a similar space for teenagers here in Australia.

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Elaine Devlin


Elaine is a registered Psychologist having held diverse roles within education, government and private practice settings. She has more than ten years experience in leadership and management, holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours, a Master of Psychology and is a Member of the Australian Psychological Society.
Through clinical training, therapeutic roles, and her own practice she has increasingly recognised the benefits of mindfulness in not only in alleviating clinical conditions such as depression and anxiety, but also in enhancing psychological and physical wellbeing.

Elaine is passionate about assisting young people to explore their inner strengths and experience how mindful awareness can assist them in their own journey. As a lover of the outdoors and experienced group facilitator she values the transformational power of group processes and the calmative benefits of connecting with nature, particularly the Tasmanian wilderness.

Elaine combines her IME role with parenting her two sons, time as a psychologist in private practice and with the Commonwealth government.

Kate Cashman

Director, Secretary

Kate is a multi-passionate person – in her academic life she is a lecturer, doctoral student and researcher at the University of Tasmania where she has taught law students for the past six years. Kate balances this with a passion for helping busy people slow down at The Breath Between, her rest and renewal coaching, speaking and events business.

Kate is passionate about young people exploring and discovering the benefits of going inward - developing resilience and independence so that they can live their lives fully in control of their own emotional and spiritual wellbeing. In her own life and meditation practice and now her coaching business, Kate has seen how meditation and mindfulness can be used to control the stress and anxiety that many young people and adults face in their everyday lives.

Kate is passionate about the not-for-profit sector and Board work and she balances this role with others supporting Tasmanian children. Her two toddlers, husband and their life in the bush inspire her every day.

Our Board.

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