Our Three Day Program includes the core elements that our flagship, week-long retreat is built upon: Authenticity, connection, compassion and self discovery.

Taking the best parts from our flagship residential retreat we’ve put together a 3-day program that’s more accessible, gives participants an opportunity to learn mindfulness and meditation and is suitable for beginners and more experienced meditators.

Through this program participants learn how to calm an active mind, deeply connect with their inner word, learn skills which allow them to be more aware of how they are feeling and what they are thinking, develop compassion for themselves and those around them and better understand and accept strong emotions.

Three days of:


This is not an App people. This is the real deal. Guided meditation facilitated by three teachers with over 3 decades of experience between them. Take a seat.

Learning more about yourself.

And we don't just mean the surface level stuff. We mean your values, the things that YOU care about - the REAL stuff - The big picture. We're talking about who you want to be and how you're going to go about getting there.


Yoga is a body-based mindfulness practice. It's not only a way to improve flexibility and your overall physical wellbeing but a powerful link to the present moment. Each day consists of a 45 minute yoga class.

getting to know others.

Our programs welcome young people from all backgrounds, meaning you have an opportunity to meet other people who may have a totally different experience with life than what you have. This serves as an amazing opportunity to learn, connect and grow.


We want to ensure this program is accessible to all and understand everyone has a unique set of financial circumstances. 3-day program costs are all inclusive, including lunch, snacks and a unique, Australian first learning program with experienced meditation and yoga teachers and specialist staff.

The full cost of the program is $350 per person. This covers produce and catering costs, equipment, venue hire and staff costs and expenses. To make it accessible, we invite participants to select a tier that represents their current financial circumstances. Please select the tier you will be nominating for your place on the program during the registration process.

Tier One: $150 | Tier Two: $250 | Tier Three: $350

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Retreat Schedule