Stress. Less.

A quick note:

Firstly, it's important that we clear something up - Stress isn't always a bad thing. It's simply your body's way of dealing with change. We know, right (mind blowing up)?

It's also important that we know there are two types of stress. One helpful, and one not so helpful. Yep, it's true. These two different kinds of stress are called 'eustress' (helpful) and 'distress' (not so helpful).

Eustress is a kind of stress that can make us feel excited. It can also help us improve our performance, motivate us and help us focus our energy. We like this stress.

Distress, on the other hand, is very different. This kind of stress doesn't feel so good. It can cause anxiety, mental and physical illness and has been linked with decreases in performance and energy. We don't like this stress so much.

We just wanted to clear that up - because we think it's important you know.