Our week-long residential retreats create a unique space for teens to be submerged in an environment that fosters learning the skills of mindfulness and meditation.

Inspired by the Inward-Bound Mindfulness Education teen retreat model (U.S based), we provide teens with deep experiential learning opportunities centered around mindfulness and meditation. On retreat teens participate in a range of proven awareness and concentration practices including sitting and walking meditation. As well as this, teens take part in small group discussions, have the opportunity to partake in a range of creative workshops, connect with peers and participate in daily yoga classes.

Through this, they learn how to calm an active mind, deeply connect with their inner word, learn skills which allow them to be more aware of how they are feeling and what they are thinking, develop compassion for themselves and those around them, better understand and accept strong emotions and express themselves creatively.

Teens, you can expect five days of:

Learning more about yourself.

And we don't just mean the surface level stuff. We mean your values, the things that YOU care about - the REAL stuff - The big picture. We're talking about who you want to be and how you're going to go about getting there.


Yoga is a body-based mindfulness practice. It's not only a way to improve flexibility and your overall physical wellbeing but a powerful link to the present moment. Each day consists of a 45 minute yoga class, which is recognised as an integral part of the retreat.

getting to know others.

Our retreats welcome young people from all backgrounds, meaning you have an opportunity to meet other people who may have a totally different experience with life than what you have. This serves as an amazing opportunity to learn, connect and grow.


Our retreats are interactive, meaning you'll have opportunities to be outside, involved in games, have access to creative workshops and participate in small-group work.




We work on a sliding scale and ask participants to pay 1% of their annual family income up to the full cost of $900 (minimum $300)We intend to never turn a teen away from the chance to come on retreat - especially because of monetary reasons - for this reason we ask you to use this sliding scale as a guide.

Retreat costs are all inclusive, including accommodation, all meals, snacks and a five-day learning program with experienced meditation and yoga teachers and specialist retreat staff.

*NOTE: We have the opportunity to support a limited amount of teens through partial and full scholarships. If you are in a position where you may need to apply, please advise us during the application process.


Retreat Schedule